World’s No. 1 Hygiene Products.


We pride ourselves on the fact that our 0% alcohol hand sanitisers are also made from natural ingredients, making them safe and effective. For general day to day hand sanitising, we recommend our Sterizar range.


Sterizar remains effective even when dry for up to 6hours on the skin, independently tested to BSEN standards, and manufactured under ISO 9001. Sterizar is tested to be food safe and skin safe.


We are committed to taking Sterizar to all the nooks and crannies in Africa making sure every family in Africa profits from the incredible benefits of Sterizar.

We take care of all your Hygiene needs!

A healthy & clean environment, will prevent cross contamination, control the spread of illness, reduce staff costs, improve the standard of care for staff, guests, patients and people in general.


Providing Some Of The Best Sterizar International Products

Hard Surface Cleaner Sanitiser

Available in: 5 Litre Refil Keg.

Antibacterial Sanitising Hand Wash

Available in: 500ml Push Down Bottle.

Hard Surface Cleaner Sanitiser

Available in: 750ml Trigger Spray.

Agrizar: Advanced Agricultural Biosecurity

Available in: 5 Litre Refil Keg.