Agrizar: Advanced Agricultural Biosecurity

The Product:

Agrizar has been developed by listening to the needs and feedback of farmers. The result is a powerful disinfectant that is safe to use, kills all agricultural pathogens, contains the fresh calming smell of eucalyptus milk, and keeps on protecting for 30 days after application.

Agrizar is an advanced powerful agricultural disinfectant, suitable for all forms of applications. Not only does Agrizar kill agricultural-related pathogens within seconds, it keeps on protecting for 30 days after application.

A Great Team:

Agrizar has been developed with Crown Supplies, Total Resource Farm & Equine Ltd, Sterizar Limited UK – manufacturers and producers of the SteriZar range of products – and Thorn Medical PLC – A leading healthcare technology partner.

All parties are committed to providing the very best equestrian bio–security products to promote equine health.