Alcohol Free

Alcohol Free!

All our hand sanitisers are 100% alcohol free, giving you peace of mind.

We pride ourselves on the fact that our 0% alcohol hand sanitisers are also made from natural ingredients, making them safe and effective. For general day to day hand sanitising, we recommend our Sterizar range.

For a more industrial environment, as well as for the home we recommend our Sterizar range of hand cleaning solutions. Whether you need a handy bottle of hand sanitiser that is convenient and effective, a spray solution or even a powerful industrial cleaner our comprehensive range of products will deliver the cleanliness you deserve and the staying power you expect.

Other products in our range: Sterizar Hard Surface Cleaner Steri 49 Floor cleaner – an effective alcohol free floor cleaner Cold Fogger – A unique delivery system for Sterizar International

Why choose alcohol free?

In addition to being highly flammable, alcohol-based hand sanitizers have been banned from many public school districts in the country, as they pose a significant danger to children who might accidentally or intentionally ingest the product.

To put things in perspective, light beer is “6 Proof”; wine is “24 proof”; vodka is “80 Proof”; a number of alcohol based products are “125 Proof”! The risk of alcohol poisoning is quite real, and it is a danger to small children.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers claim to kill 99.9999% of bacteria, yet laboratory tests have a difficult time reproducing these results. According to Dr. George Lukasik of Biological Consulting Services in Florida, one of the problems is that without agitation, alcohol only kills the top layer of bacteria, and the dead cells then form a protective layer that keep the alcohol from killing the harmful bacteria underneath.


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