Sanitising / Bio Fogging

Deep Cleaning / Bio Fogging


SteriZar International is a specialist deep cleaning and sanitising company that is qualified in all areas in which we operate.

Deep cleaning and sanitising minimizes the risk of disease and illness, destroys germs, and ensures all previously infected areas are clean and free
from bacteria and viruses.

We Guarantee:

Quick response to customer needs Unsurpassed care for public health and environment Affordable and convenient Latest technology in equipment and materials Insured fully, health and safety compliant Trained professionals only at your premises Your complete partner for cleaning and sanitising needs 12-hour response to Norovirus outbreak or environmental health requirement.

Your Benefits:

  • Protects the health and well-being of your employees and customers 
  • Enhances your image and brand 
  • Reduces the risk of infectious disease outbreak
  • Reduces the cost of absenteeism
  • End of job certification 

Our cleaning and sanitising service are for commercial and public sectors including Nursing homes, public houses, nurseries, restaurants, factories, hotels, takeaways, schools, and colleges to name but a few.

We Love the jobs you hate

Sanitisation with SterIzar International

SteriZar International has launched a new service to both new and present customers, the complete infection control package including supply, cleaning, and sanitising of any size of business/property, from corporate environments to small health care locations.

The cost of sickness to any company is extremely high, therefore providing a healthy environment for the workforce will reduce the overall overhead cost to any business by reducing sick days. Common bacteria and the more harmful bacteria live and flourish in areas that appear clean, but are not sanitised, and therefore become a breeding ground for many potential infections.

Using our proven Steri-fog system combined with our range of irritant-free antibacterial products we are able to sanitise most areas in a short period of time, at a low cost, but with great benefits to the business and the individuals. Infection Control cleaning using our products and or services will present an environment safe for all. Please contact us directly to discuss proposals, for short-term or longer-term cleaning agreements.

STERiZAR® – the only way to a cleaner sanitised environment