Steri 49+ Floor Cleaner


Steri 49 + Plus – Floor Cleaner


A product that has been developed from the original Steri49, giving a wider range of cleaning properties that can be used on a greater number of floor surfaces to provide an excellent finish on the treated surfaces, either from buffing or mopping.

Steri49 Plus completes a number of tasks with one treatment, it will clean and deodorize in one operation, it will kill bacteria, and it will leave a pleasant lemon aroma to complement the finished area. With a dilution rate of 1:100 Steri49 Plus is not only a very efficient floor cleaner but it provides a cost-effective solution to all floor cleaning applications. Available in: 5Ltr.

Instructions for use:
Dilute 1: 100 parts water (50ml per 5lt) Mop floor, when dry, buff to finish.

Handling and Storage:
Keep in a cool, dry area. Do not mix Chemicals.