Sterizar Hand Sanitiser

SteriZAR Hand Sanitiser Range

STERiZAR – Hand Sanitiser Range Sanitiser – Kills Norovirus.

Alcohol free hand foamers, gels, soaps and hand wipes are specially formulated to kill bacteria in seconds. The product gives an immediate fresh and clean feel to the skin. Remains effective after application for at least 6 hours using Advanced Barrier Control. No need to rinse and is kind to your hands..

Available in:
Hand Foamer : 50ml, 600ml, 5lt Refill
Hand Gel : 100ml, 500ml, 5lt Refill
Hand Rub : 50ml + clip
Hand Wash : 500ml, 5lt Refill
Hand Wipes : 30 per pack

100% Alcohol Free
In addition to being highly flammable, alcohol-based hand sanitizers have been banned from many public school districts in the country, as they pose a significant danger to children who might accidentally or intentionally ingest the product.

To put things in perspective, light beer is “6 Proof”; wine is “24 proof”; vodka is “80 Proof”; a number of alcohol based products are “125 Proof”! The risk of alcohol poisoning is quite real, and it is a danger to small children.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers claim to kill 99.9999% of bacteria, yet laboratory tests have a difficult time reproducing these results. According to Dr. George Lukasik of Biological Consulting Services in Florida, one of the problems is that without agitation, alcohol only kills the top layer of bacteria, and the dead cells then form a protective layer that keep the alcohol from killing the harmful bacteria underneath.

Tough on germs yet safe for children and the elderly and yet still kind to the environment

A healthy & clean environment, will prevent cross contamination, control the spread of illness, reduce staff costs, improve the standard of care for staff, guests, patients and people in general.



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Antibacterial Sanitising Hand Wash

STERiZAR® – the only way to a cleaner sanitised environment